At FANCYFAIRY, we understand the importance of trust. Each piece in our inventory undergoes a rigorous, multi-point inspection process by our expert, in-house authentication. Only items that are backed by our full confidence in legitimacy and authenticity are accepted.

Our authentication process begins with thorough inspection done by hand. We inspect materials, workmanship, details, any tags, labels, logos, hologram stickers, date and/or serial codes, and identify the time period of each item. Extensive research is then conducted on each item’s style and brand, which includes side-by-side comparisons and critical examination of the following components detailed below.

Before any item is posted to FANCYFAIRY website, it is checked by at least two highly trained authenticators (External & Internal) specialising in specific brand names. Every item is thoroughly inspected to ensure that its details meet with manufacturers. Where the item is found to be non-authentic we never post it on FANCYFAIRY website. We understand the importance of trust. We promise 100% GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


We partnered with Entrupy to provide you with cutting edge technology that uses a microscopic camera to take 260x magnified surface pictures, providing rich visual data for the software to process and analyze. Authentication accuracy is near perfect, learning and improving from each additional scan. We cover the Entrupy Ceretificate with bags without ID card by request. Entrupy have money back guarantee if the item scanned to be a replica.